Photo by Marie-Claire Bozant

Photo by Marie-Claire Bozant

  Erin Pike


Hello, I'm Erin Pike. I was born in North Dakota, raised in the PNW, and I'm currently based in Los Angeles. I make performance art that a friend once described as "delightfully odd."

I studied theatre and dance and these mediums are often the foundation of my work. My work is overtly feminist, queer, political, and/or absurd. 

My source pool is wide. I draw from everything. Sometimes I make strange performances-- like wear a birthday cake costume for my friend's birthday concert and grant people 'wishes' and get booed off the stage because everyone just wants to see The Rolling Stones. Other times I remember how much I loved Shakespeare as a teenager and that influences me. Or someone in my life dies and that influences me. Or I think about my religion or current events or social justice and I get riled up and I make something about it. Or I look at someone on a Segway and judge them and then challenge myself to make something meaningful with a Segway (I now understand how incredibly fun it is to ride a Segway). I'm all over the place. I can tell you that visually my aesthetic is minimal. I can tell you that you might laugh uncomfortably at whatever it is that I'm doing. I can tell you that I value honesty and integrity as a person and as an artist.

My work is an intimate yet public part of who I am. And I'm okay with that.