Well Well Well Look Who It Is

I spent a lot of time wondering whether or not to have a blog section on this site. Mostly because at some point I'll write something dumb, and forty years from now when I run for president that dumb thing will re-emerge because we live in the future and boom there goes my chance at changing the world. 
But I got over that and I figure by the time I run for president, perhaps society will have realized that people don't change but sometimes their ideas do, so surely if I say something dumb tomorrow and post it on here everyone will understand Future-Future Me is already over that dumb thing. 

Meanwhile, I'm still Now Me.
So, sometimes the shit I write here might be personal. Sometimes it won't. I spent time thinking about that, too. Like if it's unprofessional to use this space to discuss personal stuff. Or if it's boring to use it only to write crap like "guess what project i'm working on next? /promo promo promo!"
I landed somewhere in the middle, realizing that the benefit of being my own producer is I get to say what I want. So there's going to be a blend of my personal life and my work here and it will either be interesting to you or it won't.

For example, breakups are 100% terrible.
For example, I'm performing in Satori Group's Halloween Spookhaus and you should buy your ticket now because it's 100% awesome.
For example, next weekend I head to Portland for an extremely overdue getaway and holy cow I cannot wait. 

For Now You? I'm just glad you're here. Welcome.